10 things I love about {this} spring

May 29, 2015

10 Things I Love About {This} Spring

While spring is slowly coming to a close and the last of the cherry blossoms have long since been swept from the streets, the last few weeks have really felt like the best of the season. Food fests have started ramping up for summer, the weather has begun to sneak up to actual sandal-wearing temperatures, and there is a more positive vibe that falls over the city that is downright palpable. Beyond the increase in vitamin D and warm coats that can finally be stored for the relatively short season that is summer in Berlin, these are the things that have me in a spring state of mind...

Hindsight soundtrack | Whether you dig some older jams or were a teen in the '90s like me, listening the Hindsight soundtrack on Spotify will transport you back to the best of this decade. Not to worry, no awkward junior high dances or regrettable makeout sessions necessary. All the movie quoting and besties moments on the show did make me nostalgic for the days when me and my best friend were young and carefree like Lolly and Becca. *sniffle*

Blockshop Textiles new collection | I've been a big fan of these sisters' beautiful, handmade scarves for years, but I've held off on investing in one until I found the one just right for me. Thankfully this season, they introduced the Diamondback pattern and my smitten heart could not resist.

Simple jewelery | With all the shedding of layers spring affords, it seems a shame to layer on too many accessories. I'm all about simple gold things right now and the gorgeous dart necklace from Another Feather would be the perfect addition for necks finally freed from cold-weather scarves.

New sunnies | There's something about the first rays of spring sunshine that have my grey Berlin existence scrambling for my sunglasses - and this year I decided to treat myself to new prescription pair, thanks to the super affordable direct-to-customer brands out there. After much debating, I finally ordered Ace & Tate's Robin frame since every time I tried them on in a store, they made me feel chic and movie-star-esque. After all, isn't that how every pair of sunnies should make you feel?

Bright lipstick | My sister-in-law very kindly picked up a couple Bite Beauty lip products to bring during her stay last week and I have completely fallen in love with the matte crème lip crayon. I'm already plotting more from them when my mom visits later this year. There's nothing like a moisturized, bright lip to celebrate the shedding of winter layers. Plus, they're gluten-free and food-grade too!

Slouchy casual | After months of being stuffed like a sausage into layer upon layer of high socks under long underwear under pants and shirts under sweaters under coats, it's not hard to see the appeal of easy dressing in boyfriend jeans and slouchy shirts. I practically live in my H&M boyfriend jeans, but I wouldn't mind adding this Madewell courier boy shirt to my spring repertoire.

Ping pong | After nearly a year of passing by the ubiquitous ping pong tables at every park and Platz in Berlin, we finally bought a ping pong set and have taken to spending my hubby's lunch hour playing just two blocks from our apartment - as long as the wind and rain cooperate. It's such a great way to get us outdoors on most days and break that long winter hibernation. We're not terribly good, but it sure is fun.

Succulents | As much I dislike all the spring rain and grey here in Berlin, I am so appreciate how green it makes this city. I've always wanted to bring more of this greenery indoors, but my black thumb isn't having it. I have a few Ikea succulents that have miraculously survived my attempts to kill any plant that enters my home, so I'm shooting for some more of those to bring actual life into our flat. That, and those cute Ikea Kardemumma pots to put them in.

Strawberries | Growing up in California, it was always strawberry season. There was no waiting for the month when they finally hit the grocery shelves, they were always there. Now halfway around the world, the season must be patiently waited for, when all the little strawberry-shaped stands appear on every other street corner and the prices for a basket of the local stuff comes down to reasonably affordable. Then, I relish in eating strawberries with thick Greek yogurt or sliced on top of waffles or pancakes. But my favorite way to enjoy them has to be in a spinach salad, sprinkled with slivered almonds, crumbled feta and a glug of balsamic and olive oil. Mmmmm. Tastes like spring.

White sneakers | I've always been terrified of white sneakers. Perhaps the aversion had more to do with bad '80s memories of puffy-painted sweatshirts and leggings worn with ratty, high-top Reeboks or just my absurdly large feet, but I never felt like it was something I could pull off, let alone keep clean. When the Adidas Stan Smiths showed no sign of letting up this season, I figured, what the hell. Much comfier than Chucks, more substantial than Supergas, and at least the leather can be buffed back into decent-looking shape when inclement spring weather arises. I am a definite convert.

What about you? What has you feeling particularly spring-like these days?