10 Valentine's gifts for friends, lovers ...or yourself

February 10, 2016

10 Valentine's gifts for friends, lovers ...or yourself

Perhaps I'm getting old and cynical - or maybe just married for too long - but I'm getting a little tired of the backlash against Valentine's Day. Sure, it's a bit of a commercialized behemoth, stretched and contorted by capitalistic America so far beyond its original intent (which was what again..?), but really, when is it wrong to celebrate love? Love is so much more than a romantic relationship. You love your best friend, and your mother, right? The parting words of advice on love in Garance's new book? 'Love yourself'. What better than a sanctioned holiday to buy treats celebrating these people in our lives, ourselves included? Now off you go, spread the love.

A funny card - because sometimes the truth is better than sappy romance

A heart-adorned travel case - because near or far, you are loved (and Herschel now ships to the EU)

A personalized piece that isn't her initials - because how cute is 'BFF' on a heart coin purse for your bestie?

A pair of shoes blatantly emblazoned with hearts - because everyone needs at least one pair of totally unnecessary but fun shoes

A sexy pair of flats - because aching feet and back from stilettos isn't really sexy

A pillow that says what you're both thinking - because sometimes you gotta remember to take it easy, together

A ring that tells you whether that incoming text/email/status update is actually important - because you want to spend more time focused on the ones you love, not your phone ...and let's face it, wear something pretty

A fashionable bar of chocolate - because chocolate (Mast Brothers) + fashion (Marc Jacobs) = win-win

A jar of hot pepper bacon jam - because what better way to say 'I love you' than with bacon? (you guys, this stuff is ridiculously good - and gluten-free!)

A sweatshirt that says what she's thinking - because pancakes are a necessary part of life (now make some!)

Genius Gluten Free Bread Now in Berlin Stores!

February 2, 2016

Genius Gluten Free bread assortment display in Berlin Kaisers grocery store

So it took a little longer than we all hoped, but the day has finally arrived: UK-based Genius Gluten Free bread is now available in select Berlin grocery stores! I have been anxiously awaiting this day since I first found out about Genius and its foray into the German market back in November. It was love at first bite. Before that, I feared I would have to move back to the U.S. to ever enjoy gluten-free bread this fluffy and delicious again, bread that was just like that which I remembered pre-celiac diagnosis.

It's been great to order Genius products on Food Oase, but there's nothing like just being able to walk into a store and pick up a package off the shelf to take home. I'm looking forward to grabbing some of its muffins to meet a friend for coffee, seeing as they are conveniently available just around the corner from one of my favorite Berlin coffee shops. In addition to Hannover and now Berlin, Genius is also in several other stores around Germany as well.

As freshly-baked bread, the Genius displays should be found in the bakery department in these stores (see above), but I've seen them set up in produce departments and next to the other gluten-free products, so do ask if you don't see them at first. Overwhelmed by all the options and conflicted about how much bread you can eat before it goes stale?  See my review of the complete German line-up to help you make your decisions. Or just eat baked goods morning, noon and night, like I am this week. Because they really are that good.

As of today, you can find Genius Gluten Free at the following Kaisers:

Genius Gluten Free bread multigrain rolls mehrkorn broetchen in Berlin Kaisers

Do let me know if you see the displays and buy some bread of your own. I would love to hear how the Berlin gluten-free community is enjoying this significant change in our bread options! Also be sure to provide feedback on the German Genius Facebook page and ask other stores about carrying these products so we can increase the availability around Berlin.

And again, about bringing those pain au chocolat to Germany, Genius...

This post was in collaboration with Genius Gluten Free. I received free products for my original review, but all opinions are entirely my own.