Pastels for spring? Nah, go bold!

April 11, 2014

Colorful tops for spring
So, I know spring is the time for a slow, soft return to color after months of being merely eyes and a nose peeking out from a mountain of grey and black parkas and scarves and hats and such, but sometimes you're just ready to jump head-first into bright, summery colors and prints. Pastel hues associated with the season can, if you're like me, wash out a pasty, post-winter complexion and can leave one still wanting more. More brightness, more excitement. Something to counteract the months of grey, drizzly skies ahead, before sunshine and blue skies again reign supreme.

I say, be damned, spring pastels! I say, the brighter the better! Who made the rule that bold colors and in-your-face prints were reserved for summer? I always find myself so timid this time of year, fashion-wise. I feel as if my punchy, statement tops are too much of a color shock for the dreariness outdoors - not to mention a bit flimsy considering freezing gusts of wind and sudden downpours that are prone to happen - and yet anything softer in tone feels, frankly, like I'm just kidding myself. Sometimes you have to take matters into your hands with what you put on in the morning, bringing a much-needed brightness to your face with bold color, whatever the season. Just don't forget to grab a warm sweater for layering.

These are just a few of my favorites right now...


  1. I agree, I love bolder colours and that spotty top is to die for!

  2. So lovely! I'm really in the mood for some fun new clothes. I adore bold big patterns and all that. But right now I'm broke and unusually chubby...not a good combination for shopping :(
    Great choices though, especially the polka dot one.


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