The 5 Best Gluten-Free Things I Ate in May

June 25, 2016

Oak & Ice Prenzlauer Berg Berlin ice cream

Oh June, you have flown by with the last-minute travel to Portland, making me nearly forget all the great things I ate the previous month.

Well, almost...

Lakrids gluten-free summer peach licorice

1. Summer Lakrids

Somehow, Lakrids has outdone itself. Again. As if it couldn't get any better than my beloved mint licorice, it released a Summer flavor that is reminiscent of peachy, warm-weather cocktails. I am currently doing my best to shove handfuls of these in my mouth every day.

Thai Beef and Peanut Curry bowl

2. Thai Beef and Peanut Curry

This recipe was one my husband made for us awhile ago, yet it made me suspiciously ill (though I've since determined that our old Le Creuset was sadly contaminated with gluten). Thanks to my very generous in-laws, we now have a squeaky-clean Le Creuset, safe for me to eat from. So what was my first request? This phenomenal Thai beef, with notes of lemongrass, kaffir lime and spicy chilis, is one of my current favorite at-home meals. And now, my wanderlust for Asia is at all-time high...

Das Brunch at Breakfast Market bowls with bacon, egg and beans_sold out

3. Das Brunch Breakfast Plate

Unsurprisingly, my friend Sophie's side project, Das Brunch, has once again hit it out of the park. Bacon, beans, the most perfectly poached eggs ever... Each dish is packed with flavor, and with accoutrements like lemon and rosé pepper-marinated manouri cheese and lime-chive vinaigrette, you feel like you're getting a first-class meal on a street food budget. Better yet, Sophie's gluten-intolerance means the food is naturally gluten-free and better yet, even gluten-free toast is on offer alongside it. Be sure to follow Das Brunch on Facebook to find out when the next one will be!

Nimms's Mitchen gluten-free herb waffle with meat and cheese

4. Nimm's Mitchen Savory Waffle

I first tried these waffles a few weeks earlier at Markthalle Neun, but this one at the Handgemacht Craft Beer and Street Food fest was the best one I've had yet. Perhaps it was the heaps of spicy meat where it's usually vegan-based fare, but the flavors and textures were perfection. It's such a treat to have more and more great gluten-free options on the food truck scene!

Oak & Ice Prenzlauer Berg Berlin gluten-free ice cream in a cup

5. Oak and Ice Ice Cream

I had been so busy preparing for my last minute trip to Portland, the new ice cream shop in my neighborhood's grand opening slipped under my radar. Lucky for me, I passed it on my last day in town while I was running errands and couldn't resist stopping in to give it a try. Assured that everything they had was gluten-free (note: the gluten status is now noted on its window menu board), I immediately was smitten with the mascarpone with fig I tried, so I got scoops of that and the salted caramel. I did my best to save a melting bite or two for my husband at home, which took a lot of restraint, let me tell you. With this new spot just around the corner, I could end up here more often than I should this summer.

Stay tuned for June's food round-up: A special edition of eating greatness from gluten-free mecca, Portland, Oregon!

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