The Best of Black Backpacks

November 8, 2016

the black backpack

Can I tell you how much I love that backpacks seem to have staged a major comeback? Especially in Berlin, with all the mobile workers living the urban life, there is no substitute for the backpack. I even have a special one for lugging my roller derby gear across town to our practice hall, but sometimes, you just want a versitle basic that will fit your day-to-day lifestyle. You know, laptop or camera, a book, snacks, sunglasses/umbrella for weather that changes from one hour to the next. Those things that keep you working or exploring, all while keeping it comfortably on both your shoulders.

Thankfully, we're beyond those mini backpacks of the '90s (what did we even carry in those anyway??) and it is now acceptable to carry our daily lives around without being mistaken for a university student. What I love are all the options beyond the industry leaders, like CRU's leather bags, handmade in Portugal, or brands like Nukak and AEP who use recycled materials for their bags, made in Barcelona and Cologne, respectively. Berlin-based Ucon Acrobatics' Declan bag, also 100% recycled, is so versatile, it converts from a backpack to a handbag to a shoulder bag. Don't even get me started on Liebeskind's snake-embossed leather version (#christmaslist).

So whether it's for work or wanderlust, stylish or functional, sleek leather or recycled truck tires, this round-up has a bit of it all.

(clockwise from top left) 

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