Music Monday | Katie Herzig

February 10, 2014

Never one to be on the cutting edge of music, I often stumble upon artists who have actually been around for years, floating just under my radar. The plus side to this is that I almost never get sick of these new-to-me songs, as my ears are not constantly bombarded with with them on the radio and every other television commercial (not that I really listen to the radio or watch TV these days...).

Katie Herzig is one such musician to catch my attention and I must say, her latest album - albeit, three years old at this point - has just the happy, upbeat vibe I've been needing lately. The fact that we share the same name and hail from the same state may or may not have affected my affinity for her music. Either way, she's rocking my headphones right now. So until her new album Walk Through Walls comes out in the spring, I've got The Waking Sleep on repeat.

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