Valentine's Day in Black & Gold

February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Chic in Black & Gold
Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that can make single people and those averse to all things saccharine-sweet and cutesy feel very left out. While I am partnered up, I can definitely identify with the latter category. Why does a day dedicated to love have to be only about romantic relationships, obnoxious color combinations and candy that is probably better suited as sidewalk chalk than professing adoration? There must be a better way. A chicer, more grown up and even more practical way to celebrate. Stay in with some great take-out and a movie on the couch rather than go the traditionally overpriced set menu restaurant route. Instead of expensive, ubiquitous jewelry, buy your sweetheart something more unique that doesn't break the bank. I'm still not sure what we will do for Valentine's day, but I've found a handful of things in a super chic color palette that might even convince those most cynical among us to feel the love (hint, hint).

Shoes | I have always told my husband that in my case, shoes are a girl's best friend. Who needs another piece of jewelry when there are so many beautiful footwear options out there? These gorgeous gold zippered chelsea boots and gold buckled boots would make me melt much more than diamonds. Lovely little flats with a special gold accents couldn't hurt either.

A Cozy Sweater | I can't imagine a better way to say 'I love you' than with a chic and cozy sweater. It's like a permanent hug. This one's chunky knit and side zippers have me especially in love.

OK, OK... Jewelry | That most expected of all Valentine's gifts doesn't have to be all that expected, or expensive. This sweet little geometric ring and leather ID bracelet are both under $25 and are simple enough to add to one's daily jewelry lineup. For something more extravagant, this investment Michael Kors watch is a classic that's certain to last a lifetime.

Bags | Whether it's a little French-inscribed evening bag for a night on the town or a golden tote to toss things in for a weekend away, a new bag is just the way to say 'honey, let's go somewhere'.

Travel | Speaking of going somewhere, there's nothing like a real trip for the ultimate statement of romance. Stamped with a lighthearted, iconic phrase, this passport cover says 'honey, let's really go somewhere'. Bonus points for a ticket to a fabulous location tucked inside.

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  1. I really love this collection of black and gold!


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