Top 5 Berlin food events to look forward to this June

June 10, 2015

Berlin Food Collage_ Bite Club Jones Ice Cream Laksa Pop-up Spice Spice Baby Jerk Chicken

My relationship with food continues to be a complex one. Thanks to celiac, gluten is verboten. Continuing health issues have lead to me cutting out even more in an attempt to appease my protesting body. But as summer food festival season begins, my love of all things delicious has started to win out. Ever since the first Bite Club of the season, it's become almost impossible to stick to my strict organic, homemade diet. And with so many amazing things to eat, can you really blame me? Add in factors like sunshine, DJs and amazing urban locales, and my kitchen will surely be covered in a film of dust come summer's end.

These are some of the things high on my radar this month. If you're lucky enough to be in town, grab your sunnies, slip on some sandals and get outside!

Berlin Music and Streetfood Open Air Festival June 2015 at Neue Heimat

Berlin Music & Streetfood Open Air Festival

Since Neue Heimat started it's own regular street food events, I've only made it over for the Bazaar last weekend, but was easily won over by the hip, urban spot. A large open industrial space, complete with a concentrated collection of some of Berlin's best street art, leads the way here from the Urban Spree. The first of its kind, this event boasts bands, DJs, art galleries, live acts and "the best of Berlin streetfood booths". No word yet on what food will be there, but my fingers are crossed and thumbs are pressed that there's enough gluten-free options to keep me going for at least a few music sets under the summer sunshine.

When: Friday, June 12 from 18:00, Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 from 12:00
Where: Neue Heimat, Friedrichshain
More info: On Facebook

2015 Berlin Beer Week wall of beers

Berlin Beer Week

OK, I admit, it's really my husband who is looking forward to this (damn my stupid celiac), but I'm sure every other Berlin beer-drinker can relate. A whole week chock-full of events celebrating the most traditional German beverage. The list of events is rather staggering - and many big name tickets, like dinner with Lode & Stijn, have already sold out - but I can't help but pine for the ones like Beer Trivia Night at the lovely Kaschk and "Have Your Cake & Eat It" with cupcakes made with craft ales. There are also classics like craft beer and poker, hosted by none other than my better half at The Castle Pub. For all those who can drink beer, I say go forth and enjoy this momentous week. Have a beer - or three or twelve - for me!

When: June 13-20
Where: All over Berlin. Check the website for the list of events and locations.
More info: On Facebook

Berlin Ice Cream Market by Stil in Berlin This is Jane Wayne mint&berry June 2015

First-Ever Ice Cream Market

Honestly, I'm surprised it took Berlin this long to host a festival celebrating one of the best things about summer: ice cream. Like many other European countries, once the temperatures start to creep up after a long winter or at the first sign of sunshine, Germans are out in droves, lining up for a cone to kick off the season with. This is Jane Wayne and Stil in Berlin partnered up with German brand mint & berry to host an event centered solely around this perfect summer treat at the idyllic new urban pool in the open air former railway building, dubbed as industrial charm of urban Berlin meets Mediterranean '60s charm. Complete with beer garden and lounge, I foresee this afternoon to be a long, lazy one relaxing by the pool, getting up only to visit a new ice cream vendor. I think Berlin just came up with the ideal summer food event scenario.

When: June 13 @ 12:00-20:00
Where: Haubentaucher, Friedrichshain
More info: On Facebook

Schlachtfest The Lamb Edition farm-to-table June 2015

Schlachtfest: The Lamb Edition

Even in a city of the ubiquitous vegan menu, it's hard not respect a celebration around the use of a whole, humanely-raised animal. This edition will be in honor of the Müritzlamm, a native sheep that has been bred with English goats from Mecklenburg. The farm-to-table, nose-to-tail concept has been done previously with a cow and pig, to much accolades. And with courses from the likes of Mr. Susan and Lode & Stijn, duos noted among Berlin's most anticipated restaurant openings of 2015, you know you won't be anything less than blown away.

When: June 13 @ 20:30
Where: Markthalle Neun, Kreuzberg
More info: On Facebook (must buy tickets in advance)

2015 Bite Club Berlin Hoppetosse view over Spree

Bite Club

I had a love-hate relationship with Bite Club last year, considering every time I tried to go to the original spot by the river, I somehow managed to always show up on the wrong day. Well this year, they have finally published a calendar of dates to make sure it's not to be missed. I did manage a couple of last summer's Bite Club at Platoon Kunsthalle and I admit, it had nothing on that picturesque riverside location. Watching the sun set behind the Oberbaumbrücke, reflecting off the Spree, with burgers, ice cream, cocktails and tunes make this the place to be every other Friday night this summer.

Like so many food fests, gluten-free options can few and far between, but last week I tried the only thing safe* for me: caribbean jerk chicken with beans, rice, plantains and pineapple from newcomer Spice Spice Baby and boy, was it delicious. The guys from the super-tasty-looking Born Again Chicken, another newbie on the foodie scene, mentioned they were working on a gluten-free sauce (their current one sadly contains wheat), so I'm eager to see how that materializes. You can't go wrong with Jones Ice Cream's delicious new sundaes, or Zwei Dicke Bären's increasing gluten-free ice cream sandwich options either. Here's hoping more gluten-free offerings show up because I plan to be here every other Friday through the summer!

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, I was misinformed and Spice Spice Baby uses soy sauce [read: gluten] in their marinade. They have been very kind about the misunderstanding, but do know this is not safe for those with celiac or an intolerance. Bite Club regulars Taco Kween and Maria Maria Arepas claim to be gluten-free, but I can't speak to any ingredient- or cross-contamination issues. As always when eating out, proceed with caution.

When: Every other Friday (next one June 19) @ 16:00-midnight
Where: Hoppetosse, Kreuzberg
More info: On Facebook


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