Portland Street Art

July 24, 2016

Ashley Montague and Joshua Mays mural Portland, Oregon

One of the things I love the most about Berlin is the street art. The creative vibe around the city is just so inspiring. So how lucky did I feel when I realized that my new home-away-from-home is a city that fills public spaces with art as well? A bit more polished than Berlin, Portland's art is no less impressive or creative, from the giant murals of the Alberta Arts District to The Horse Project, it's like a giant living, breathing art gallery.

With organizations like the Portland Street Art Alliance and Forest For The Trees advocating and creating public art in the city, it's easy to see why it's thriving in this Pacific Northwest spot. So just like in Berlin, one of my favorite things in Portland is to just wander around, seeing what urban art I stumble upon. Any idea what/where some of these pieces are in the city...?

colorful mural at Tamale Boy Portland, Oregon butterfly and bird mural Portland, Oregon
Faith47 Capax Infiniti mural Portland, Oregon The Horse Project Portland, Oregon
Rabbit mural by Mateu Velasco Portland, Oregon boat in a storm mural Portland, Oregon Painted owl bench Portland, Oregon Everything is Everything mural Portland, Oregon colorful abstract mural Portland, Oregon Arrows mural by Blaine Fontana Portland, Oregon
Transcendence bronze fish by Keith Jellum Portland, Oregon woman mural Portland, Oregon
To Oregon With Love mural by Blaine Fontana Portland, Oregon shell-headed man mural Portland, Oregon Keep Your Chin Up mural by Zach Yarrington and Jun Inoue Portland, Oregon

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