Summer 2016 Hair Inspiration

July 14, 2016

Hair Decisions Summer 2016

So I only ditched my platinum locks about six months ago in favor of something a bit more natural... and already I'm itching for a change. Surprise, surprise. It doesn't help that I've joined up with the roller derby crowd, with heads awash in a rainbow of vibrant colors. My natural, ashy blonde shade, complete with my first visible greys (eek!), just feels so 'blah' in comparison. I miss my days of pastel pink and lavender...

Perhaps it's just my impatience getting the better of me while my poor, overworked hair takes a much-needed break - but life's too short for lackluster hair, am I right? In addition to considering warmer variations on my current situation, in both a more golden blond or coppery tone, I'm also really into Meg's recently faded, true orange locks or bright tips. I had dark blue on the ends of my auburn hair several years back and loved it, so I can't deny this is the way that I'm leaning...

What do you think? Should I go more dramatic or keep it neutral? And what about you? Do you change your hair as often as your clothes or have you had the same haircut since grade school? I want to know!

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  1. I am feeling a darker shade with maybe lavender tips since you did blue already? I am personally in a darker hair color mode even though it's summer and I should be all about maximizing my natural highlights!

    1. I know - I never go with what should be 'natural'! It's always whatever mood strikes. ;)


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