Derby Love

August 18, 2016

Roller Derby Love

A place where women are allowed to be both feminine and bad ass? What could be better than that? I feel grateful that all my weekends spent at the roller rink in grade school - and on the ice in my teens - lead me to roller derby... though my mom might disagree. She shut down my desire to play ice hockey in high school, on account of my expensive orthodontics, but my desire for an aggressive outlet has clearly remained.

Now that I'm an adult and I can knock out my teeth if I want to (don't worry Mom, I wear a mouthguard that carries ample dentistry insurance), I'm jumping into this new endeavor with years of pent-up energy that never got expended on anything athletic (thank you, celiac). Roller derby is a pretty hardcore sport, but still, one can't help being a little girly about the whole thing considering the awesome gear and all the cool merch to support what I'm quickly learning is more a lifestyle than just an extracurricular.

I'll be honest, my insistence on the glitter helmet as I bought all my newbie gear might have seemed silly, but there are so many cool additions to consider as I quite literally gear up for derby: fun skate laces, custom toe guards, bad ass looking wheels. Don't even get me started about all the shirts, hats, buttons and the like that proudly displays ones love of derby in the rare off hours not talking about or training for derby. Roll and Destroy out of Hamburg are kind of my favorite right now and I can't wait to pass the MST and choose a derby name, mostly so I can have them custom emblazon it on pretty much anything and everything. Until then, I'll just have to show my dedication with derby kisses (those are bruises, Mom).

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