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January 20, 2014

Mexico Lindo margaritas all around Coming from California, one of the first things you start to miss overseas is great Mexican food. Seeing as Europe is half a world away from this country, when it attempts to recreate flavors and recipes so far from where they originated by a culture who believes in entirely the opposite approach to spicy food, too often it lands in the category of major disappointment, especially to those who know and love the real deal. Mexico Lindo though, is a game-changer.

We were introduced to Mexico Lindo by some of the first friends we made in Germany - a German-American and her American husband. Not only are both of them very well-traveled, but she spent a good deal time growing up in Texas. So when our new friends wanted to take us to the best Mexican food around, at a place run by a Texan, we figured it had to be legit. And we were not disappointed. Mexico Lindo became our go-to restaurant during our time in Wiesbaden. It's where we took visitors (even Hispanic friends from Los Angeles gave it their seal of approval), where we convinced German friends that Mexican food is actually great and where we had our farewell dinner with all our friends before our move to Berlin. Even our goodbye with our regular waitress was filled with hugs and tears.

Mexico Lindo is a bit like the Mexican food I grew up with, with its long plates of portioned off beans, rice and the various entrees you decide on. Here, it's less build-your-own dinner and the stand-outs are clear. The carne asada, especially in a land who's beef pales in comparison to the US, is hands-down the best thing on the menu. The enchilladas verdes, fajitas and fajita quesadilla were also in regular rotation for us. Also recommended, go on a week night to score two for one frozen drinks and splurge on the house-made cinnamon tequila shot to end the meal. Both are worth the extra cab/train fare you'll need to get home. Oh, and be sure to pick up a stamp card because, trust me, you'll be back.

Mexico Lindo carne asada Mexico Lindo mariachi doll

Mexico Lindo
Adolf-Kolping-Strasse 17
55116 Mainz
Tel: 06131 228060


  1. I love mexican food so much, i would miss is like crazy if I couldn't have it at least twice a month!! This place looks delicious, glad you were able to find a spot to get your fix!

    xx Hélène

  2. damn, have a 2 for 1 main courses voucher for "Mexico Lindo" running out end of the month and no chance of going anymore. Never been as it doesn´t look much from the outside but now definitely wanting to! Thanks for the recommendation!
    (sorry for being a nitpicker but Mainz lies in Rhineland-Palatinate and not Hesse)

    1. Oh bummer. It's definitely worth the trip! And yes, sometimes I forget about that state division - not to mention bitter rivalry. It is just across the river, after all. ;)

  3. You might look for more sophisticated restaurants but there are 2 places around Prenzlberg where you can get decent burritos. You might know them already so I don't have news for you probably. Just in case..
    2.) Maria Bonita on Danziger Str. (homepage doesn't work anymore so I hope it still exists.
    Also if you like asian food you should try this place

    1. Being such fans of Mexican food, we are already well-acquainted with both - and love them! We go to Maria Bonita often (probably too often for our own good!). Thanks for the tips!


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