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January 24, 2014

Burgermeister Berlin cheeseburger and nacho cheese fries I've said it before and I'll say it again: finding a good burger - by American standards - in Europe is hard. It's not that they are bad (OK, some are bad), they are just not those thick, juicy patties sandwiched between a fluffy, but substantial - preferably sesame-seeded - bun and dripping with just the right accoutrements that make your belly happy. Something just always feels, off. Burgermeister is one of the few that can satisfy the massive, double-cheeseburger-sized demands (yes, that's on the menu) of the American burger appetite.

First off, the meat is good, which as every burger-loving patron knows, is the foundation of a good burger. It's not quite on the level of The Bird or Le Camion Qui Fume, but it's most definitely got the 'meatloaf' burgers of Germany beat. What I love most about the burgers here are the thick, fluffy buns and American-style processed cheese slices that feel like you are grilling with friends in the backyard. The classic burger choices - from the gluttonous chili cheeseburger and BBQ bacon burger - are offered alongside specialty burgers - like grilled onions or mushroom, or even a tofu burger with mango or peanut sauce - for just the right amount of options for quick decision-making at the almost always crowded walk-up window.

But the burgers are not the only reason to visit Burgermeister. The fries are not only good, but they come in cheese and chili cheese versions. Now, these are not the cheese fries so often seen in Europe, taking it literally with real shredded cheese on top. No, no, no. These are good ol' nacho cheese fries, with warm and spicy nacho cheese dumped on top. And the chili cheese fries? The same with thick, hearty chili and even hot jalapeno slices for good measure. Like any good American that grew up on healthy amounts of processed spicy cheese, I am in heaven every time I have this gooey goodness in my greedy little hands.

As if the food wasn't reason enough, Burgermeister's location and history are worth coming for. Housed in a century old former toilet, this completely refurbished location sits on an island in the middle of traffic, directly underneath the rumble of the U1 tracks. While the germaphobe in me tries not to think about the kitchen's former use, the kitchy spot and delicious food always have me coming back for more. Another bonus? They're open into the late-night, post-bar hours, so that 2 a.m. processed cheese fix is just an u-bahn stop away.

Burgermeister Berlin former city toilet
Burgermeister Berlin stickers on window Burgermeister Berlin sticker Berlin hustles harder
Burgermeister Berlin chili cheese fries

Oberbaumstrasse 8 (under the U1 at Schlesisches Tor)
10997 Berlin Kreuzberg
Sunday-Thursday 11:00-04:00
Friday-Saturday 11:00-03:00

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  1. Mmmmm. Warm processed cheese on fries after a night of drinking sounds EXACTLY right! Go, girl.



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