German Christmas Market: Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt

January 7, 2014

Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt light and Mainzer Dom cathedral Perhaps it was the underlying rivalry across the river, or perhaps the fact that I am a good decade older than most in this university town, but I never spent a lot of time in Mainz while we lived in Hessen. That said, the things I did visit for - the best Mexican food in the area, helping little Italian girls practice their English and festivities like Fasching and holiday markets - were always more than worth the trek.

I admit, I haven't been to the Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt that many times, and I'm sure there are even corners of it tucked away that I have never seen. But every time I'm there, I can't help but be won over by its sprawling lights and even wonder if they might rival that of our former home town market. The crowd there may be significantly younger and always more packed, but there's nothing quite like enjoying one's Glühwein beneath the starburst of light in the shadow of the impressive cathedral. It's no wonder this has been the spot for Mainzers to celebrate the holidays since 1788.

So if you're in the neighborhood at Christmastime, I definitely recommend stopping by for a steaming mug of special blueberry wine and some spectacular holiday lights. Just come prepared with ample time to make your way through the crowd and be in complete awe of the setting.

Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt pyramid Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt treats signs Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt light and buildings Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt creperie and lights Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt lights above Gluhwein stand_lightened Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt drinks stall gluhwein_lightened Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt Gluhwein mugs Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt Kate with Gluhwein
Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt pole with lights Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt lights and cathedral
Mainz Weihnachtsmarkt moon through the lights

Mainzer Weihnachtsmarkt
auf den Domplätzen
55116 Mainz
open daily from late November until December 23

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