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March 4, 2014

warbyparker_kimball-glasses-whiskey-tortoise-front warbyparker_marcel-glasses-aurora-front If you hadn't already seen on Instagram, my latest glasses choice was a huge bust. OK, not a complete failure, as they were very flattering and the limited edition colorway was beyond stunning, but not staying perched on my nose without inducing a massive migraine was where I had to concede that perhaps they were not the frames for me. Such a disappointment, especially after anxiously waiting over a month while German customs sat on them in an effort to fill their paperwork quota, I'm sure.*

So as long as Warby's usual stellar customer service prevails, I will need to make a different choice and cross my fingers. Since picking this pair, Warby released yet another new collection and, I must say, I'm smitten once again. It was love at first sight for the thick, bold Kimball (top), reminding me of my current preferred pair - the Huxley - and the look of one of my favorite women in fashion: Jenna Lyons. But then the more I looked at the Marcel (bottom), the more I was won over by the unique shape and this whole French vibe I was getting from them. Since I'm partial to one, my mom voiced preference for the other and my husband, well, he's expressed dislike for anything of the larger or rounder persuasion I have been liking of late (sorry, hon), I'm hoping for some more tie-breakers in opinion. Anyone care to weigh in...?

Kimball... or Marcel?
warbyparker_kimball-glasses-onmodel warbyparker_marcel-glasses-onmodel

*Sadly, Warby Parker does not yet offer international shipping and those of us outside the US (& Canada) must enlist the help of someone in the States if we want a pair. Join me in telling Warby how much those of us in Europe - and elsewhere! - would appreciate access to such great frames from such a great company, won't you?

all images via Warby Parker

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