Searching for new bedding to complement a bold wall color

March 6, 2014

Neutral bedding for a richly painted room

While we were pleasantly surprised to find that our new apartment had been painted the colors we requested - after being told that it wouldn't be - it put the fast-forward button on our plans for new bedding. I love our warm, sunset-inspired duvet, but with our new bold, dark teal walls, the clash is making me want to hide under the covers rather than luxuriate in appreciation of  a beautiful room on top of them. My vision for these bold walls included more neutral bedding, and it's a new apartment to-do that I'm antsy to make that happen.

At first, I was stuck on the West Elm bedding from my original inspiration, but the realities of high shipping, taxes and duties got the better of me, so I started to look at options based here in Europe. Not surprisingly, one of my favorites is the costly graphic print from Denmark, but with so many super-affordable options, I don't feel as if we need to break the bank to get the look I'm going for. Factor into that a big, black, slobbery dog and budget linens seem like the only sensible way to go. Now the decision is whether to stay simple in subtle pattern, no pattern at all or go for a bolder, more graphic punch... I must say, I've always been a huge fan of white bed linens, but wrapping myself up in soft, simple jersey is also highly appealing.

So after a few more apartment issues get ironed out, this is next thing I tackle. Stay tuned...

white horizontal dot duvet | white vertical line duvet (similar) | black grid duvet

Berlin apartment_dark walls, West Elm pink bedding and headboard

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  1. Oh man, I think I'm obsessed with soft grey! If you looked it my closet, you'd say, no surprise there. Gorgeous choices, Kate.



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