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March 26, 2014

Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_curved archways in the sky With spring's arrival and the rather gloriously early warm weather we have been getting here in Berlin, I thought what better way to celebrate the season than with a series on the parks in this wonderful new city of ours. Second only to perhaps finding new places to eat is discovering great places to be outdoors and letting Bailey do some dog-type exploring as well. And for such an urban environment, Berlin is surprisingly covered with trees - one fifth of the city, to be precise, with over 2,500 public parks and gardens. So every Wednesday from now through April, I will be highlighting a different park in Berlin.

First up is Volkspark Friedrichshain. Like so many parks in Berlin, this one is deceptively large. What looks like a modest park entrance just keeps going and going (apparently, it's the third largest in the city), with pockets of charming playgrounds, a swan pond and quite a history. With original construction hailing back to the 1840s, the park has seen many additions and changes over the years. The charming Märchenbrunnen (Fairy Tale Fountain) with its numerous stone sculptures from German fairy tales, was bittersweetly created for the children of Berlin in the time of rickets and typhoid. During the war, the Nazis made use of it for bunkers and Flak towers - now covered over and creating the natural high points of the park - and as a result, much of the park at that time was destroyed. A few of the park's other updates over the years include an open air theater, a beach volleyball court and a restaurant.

Our recent time at the park was on a beautiful sunny day, just as spring was starting to make it's early mark on the plant life and temperatures. As with many of the massive green spaces this city has to offer, we didn't make into even half the park, but what we did see was inspiration enough to come back once the temperatures reach sunbathing potential and the fountains are filled for the season. Only one city oasis amidst many, Volkspark Friedrichshain is quickly rising to the top of my favorites.

Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_Fairy Tale Fountain Maerchenbrunnen archways animals and trees Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_Fairy Tale Fountain Maerchenbrunnen dog in bowl statue_horizontal Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_stone benches and shadows Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_Fairy Tale Fountain Maerchenbrunnen turtle statue Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_ivy covered blooming tree at park entrance blue sky buildings Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_tree close-up and statue with bird Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_park grass trees and blue sky Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_purple flowers Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_early spring leaves Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_park path
Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_Kate in the park zara scarf moop messenger warby parker huxley Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_panting Bailey on the stairs
Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_red Asics sneakers Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_cracked graffiti bunker wall Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_trees and shadows Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_red squirrel with big ears in the tree branches
Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_creepy knarled tree Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_neighborhood direction in stone
Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_city through the park trees Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_Russ in sunglasses Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_stone steps trees and Ferensehturm tv tower view Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_wood swings playground Volkspark Friedrichshain Berlin_trees statue blue skies

Am Friedrichshain 1
10407 Berlin
U5 Strausberger Platz | S-bahn at Landsberger Allee

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