A Mid-30s Birthday Wishlist

August 28, 2014

Birthday Wishlist: I Like Nice Things

There's something about hitting that halfway point on the journey through one's 30s, one step closer to 40, that makes one rethink the wants in life. Sure, I've always liked nice things, but creeping up towards 'middle aged' makes me think about having those coveted things that will last a lifetime: a leather skirt, a diamond necklace, a beautiful, classic handbag. With just over two weeks to go, here's hoping the birthday fairy is listening!

Nice Things poster | Me, in a nutshell.

Nike Flyknit Lunar2 | I love the knit pattern on this fresh sneaker style - and black is always a classic.

Black leather skirt | This is one of those pieces that I have always wanted, but never thought I could (a), afford or (b), pull off. After seeing Jessie of We The People in hers, I realized it can be more chic than bad-ass, and Mango makes it easy on the wallet.

Pave diamond bar necklace | I discovered this sparkler via lovely Austin blogger Kirsten awhile back and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. Definitely a wear-forever kind of piece.

Arquiste for J.Crew No.57 | Notes of aged whiskey and cinnamon? Why, those are the smells dreams are made of.

Monogrammed travel bag | I've always wanted a nice carry-on that makes me feel like a first-class traveller even back in economy. This one's expandable, French and can be monogrammed. Très, très chic!

Leather biker jacket | Granted, I have a leather jacket, but my recent foray into the fairest of hair territory has upped my confidence in making everything in my wardrobe blacker and a little tougher. I love the way this waterfall neckline softens the look.

An everyday bag | This Madewell beauty is called 'the berliner satchel'. I mean, it might as well have my name monogrammed on it.

Classic ankle boots | Flat black boots will never go out of style. This lovely pair has the makings of a go-to shoe, to be resoled over and over again and softened to butter-like perfection.

Black and gold watch | While this little beauty is already sold out, a little birdie told me that there's one with my name on it just waiting to be sent. (thanks, Mom)

Want to see more of the things I covet? Check out my Pinterest board.


  1. Not to be too pedantic, but technically 35 is 87.5% of the way to 40, not halfway to 40. You were halfway to 40 when you turned 20.

    1. Too true, Adam. I blame the celiac mind fog. Or just old age. Either way, hope it's clearer now. ;)

    2. I took that to mean she is half way through her 30s? I generally go with intention in writing rather than what is literally written. My German husband drives me crazy by constantly correcting my literal rather than intended meaning. Germans are literally SO literal :)

      Anyway great list! Those are very nice things :)

  2. love the poster...and the handbag...and the shoes...and the description of the perfume...:-)

  3. Fantastic wishlist! I pinned a few items from your Pinterest board -- like that jacket. Wowzers!

  4. That jacket is indeed absolutely beautiful. And wipe clean, which is obviously a priority for me now ;)


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