Music Monday: That Other Hozier Hit

September 1, 2014

While I realize "Take Me to Church" is getting major play at the moment (pretty sure I heard it over a retailer's sound system the other day), I can't get enough of Irish artist Hozier's other big hit "From Eden". His voice. Those instrumentals. Swoon.

After having his entire Spotify offerings on repeat for weeks, I looked into this young man a bit more. Challenging the church he was brought up with and the powerful images from his "Take Me To Church" video portraying the deep-seated homophobia in Russia shows an impressive sense of self at such a young age, not to mention a great humanity. His talent extends beyond even his own music, as proven in his fantastic cover of Fun's "We Are Young". I for one am anxious to hear more from his first full-length album in October, or September if you're lucky enough to live in Ireland.

What about you? What have you been listening to lately?


  1. Reeeally enjoying Hozier too, his voice is powerful. I'm also completely in love with Luke Sital-Singh's stuff - another man with a lovely voice.

  2. So far my favorite has been Hozier's Arosonist's Lullaby :)



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