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September 3, 2014

The Look for Less: Black Shearling Coat

Shearling coats are one of those things you often see on wealthy people vacationing in very posh places for good reason. They're damned expensive. It's like the leather jacket's more successful, more luxurious older sister. Not terribly practical for wet winter weather, it's use is often relegated to those rare, dry freezing days or in a mostly indoors capacity. For those who indulge in outwear for such specific scenarios, the shearling should be top of the list. What could be better than feeling like the human equivalent of a teddy bear? If Luke had been wearing a shearling on Hoth, he might not have had to wait out the cold, literally, in the belly of a beast.

Aside from those who use can afford to use paper bills as kindling, what are the rest of us to do to afford such luxurious warmth? While there are always options in the faux category, I have yet to see one that even comes close to the quality and likeness faux fur has reached and, let's face it, it's never as warm as the real deal. For shearling, it seems, it's go big or go home. Fast fashion to the rescue. H&M proves once again it can play with the fashion heavyweights with it's latest autumn Studio Collection - launching September 4 - featuring a quality-looking shearling of its own. An investment in its own right, it's still a fraction of the cost of most and stylish to boot.

Even if this pricey piece, the most expensive of the bunch (save an even less practical leather jumpsuit), doesn't make it home with me, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's launch and seeing what pieces I might need to add to my fall line-up (like perhaps this...).

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  1. Wow - these coats are so similar, but what a price difference! I love them both :)


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