A gluten-free birthday cake dreams are made of

September 16, 2014

Strawberry-lime Mousse Cloud Layer Cake Gluten-free via Wholesome Cook_ lit by birthday candles

I had reasonably high hopes this year for my birthday, unfortunately most of which came crashing down in a cloud of head-cold haze and heaping piles of tissues. After deciding that only four waking hours that day did not a suitable birthday make, September 15 was declared the new 14th and a birthday do-over was made. Being significantly more lucid meant I could enjoy the presents, my special dinner and the birthday cake. Oh, the cake...

When I first spied the Strawberry Mousse Cloud Layer Cake on Martyna Angell's Instagram for her food blog Wholesome Cook, I knew I had found my birthday cake. A strawberry-lime mousse layer, reminiscent of a seasonal margarita? Sponge cake that was actually gluten-free? Whipped cream spiked with ample flecks of vanilla bean?! My heart swooned and stomach grumbled. My recent celiac diagnosis had me panicked about finding a birthday cake as good as years past, but I needn't have worried. When I took my first bite of this beautiful creation my husband made for me while lay in a foggy-headed stupor, even my impaired senses could taste a winner. The tart mousse coupled with the nuttiness from the almond-meal sponge and the sweet vanilla cream was exactly as Martyna had named it: like floating on a cloud of decadence.

Despite my rather hazy state of mind and the rescheduled celebration, my birthday was salvaged. I owe huge thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, not to mention the Herculean culinary efforts of my husband, from the homemade chicken soup on my real birthday to the feast of pot roast, apple-walnut cabbage salad and this lovely cake, complete with candles and a solo of "Happy Birthday", the next day. As for Martyna, I am grateful to her and the many food bloggers that have made this new gluten-free life of mine just as enjoyable and full of good food as before my diagnosis. Here's to another year filled with more happiness, good health and deliciousness than before!

Strawberry-lime Mousse Cloud Layer Cake Gluten-free via Wholesome Cook_ slice in front of cake
Strawberry-lime Mousse Cloud Layer Cake Gluten-free via Wholesome Cook_ from above with candles


  1. A belated Happy Birthday Kate! The cake looks fantastic - I am so glad you loved it and it looks like your husband did a marvelous job creating it for you. Much love and greetings from Sydney.

  2. Happy belated birthday! And OMG that cake looks fabulous. May have to try making it myself soon. Thanks for passing along.


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