Berlin Parks | Sunset from Volkspark Humboldthain

August 22, 2014

Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain iron fence and sunset beyond One day a few months back, my husband grabbed my hand and said 'we're going for a ride', a knowing smile on his lips. He was rather secretive about where he was taking me, letting on only that he and Bailey has discovered it on a walk awhile back. All three of us loaded into the car (the four-legged among us still terrified of public transport) and headed a short ways away, before parking next to an overgrown, forest-like green space.

As we headed into the park, we could see the sun getting lower through the trees and he urged us to go faster. We crossed fields, climbed stairs and scaled small hillsides as quickly as we could until... we reached the top just in time. The city was laid out before us, bathed in the golden light of sunset, with the background turning the most glorious colors. The juxtaposition of the harsh, jutting iron fence of the former WWII flak tower and vibrant graffiti against the painterly, pastel sky was pure perfection. It was clear this place was a new discovery only to us, with affectionate couples and small groups of friends already set out along the fence, some even bringing sustenance to enjoy the entire length of nature's show.

Between the oohing and ahhing and ample picture-taking, we managed a few moments of out own, holding each other in the warm glow of the day's end and overlooking this great city of ours.

Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain bunker platform with graffiti and iron fence framing sunset
Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain sunset through the iron fence Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain sunset over the city graffiti
Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain plane flying into sunset over city Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain people and dog watching sunset
Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain top of jutting fence and sunset beyond Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain futuristic sculpture
Berlin Park Volkspark Humboldthain sunset through the trees

Volkspark Humboldthain
Between Wiesenstra├če and Brunnenstra├če
13357 Berlin (Wedding)
S1/S2/S25 Humboldthain

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