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I'm Kate, a native Californian who lived in the SF Bay area all my life... until my husband-to-be was offered a job in Germany a week before our wedding. Engaged in Paris, married in NYC's Central Park and then moving our whole lives – including our rambunctious Boxador rescue, Bailey – to a new country over 5,000 miles away in 2009 was quite a start to this adventure for our little international traveling family.

In late 2013, we decided to keep our German life going by moving to Berlin, home to diverse culture, amazing food and all new opportunities. In 2014, I was diagnosed with celiac disease, which has put a damper on being able to experience all of Berlin's culinary greatness, not to mention made travel a tricky prospect, but has made me even more determined to eat food that makes me, and my body, happy. You will see more gluten-free recipes and restaurant recommendations as I navigate this new world of eating with an autoimmune disorder.

I started Sole Satisfaction for a marketing class project many years ago as an homage to shoes, but have since dedicated this space to all things that satisfy not only my soles, but my soul as well: travel, eating, fashion, design, making a life in a new country and of course, shoes too. In my previous life, I did marketing/ pr/ communications and studied interior architecture and design, but I have always been a writer, be it journalism or creative writing. Now, I cook, travel, attempt to gain some photography skills, indulge in too much shoe shopping – not to mention work to improve my forever-faltering German - and share it all with you here.

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Welcome and I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hi !

    I chanced upon your blog by tipping Blogger form Wiesbaden on Google and then I followed the link from your previous blog. I'm really excited to read it 'cause, as you, since a month I'm an expat (but not from THAT far ahah only Switzerland). Somehow, I feel suddenly less alone :P





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