20 Things About Me

August 1, 2013


Like the late adopter I am, I figured the best way to start fresh on my new blog was to introduce - or to some, reintroduce - myself to readers with one of those lists of random things about me that everyone was doing a few years back. So, here goes...

1. I love to travel, but I am terrified of flying.

2. I'm also afraid of elevators. Not as a claustrophobia thing, but as a I-was-once-in-an-elevator-that-fell thing. It was only a floor and a half and no one was hurt, but still. Traumatized.

3. My generally unfounded, totally irrational fears include sharks and spiders.

4. I am obsessed with color. My favorites are mint green and cobalt blue. I'm also really into neon pink and tomato red at the moment. Years later, I still love color, but my wardrobe - and my home - sticks to neutrals like grey, navy and black.

5. My favorite animals are rays and giraffes. I think giraffes and I, with our tall awkwardness, are kindred spirits.

6. I love language, but I'm really lousy at it. After five years of French study in school and over three years of living in Germany, I still can't claim fluency in either. Those people who list five languages on their resumes make me green with envy.

7. I have had four surgeries and have eight scars. When strangers ask about my largest scar - which is inevitable, as it is 42 stitches long and quite wide - I like to say it was a shark attack (see #3 above) so I can feel a bit more like a badass rather than just the nine-year-old who was too eager to heal completely before jumping back into being a kid in the summertime.

8. I have had two serious brushes with blindness in my life - the first when I spent too much time in an incubator at birth and doctors worried all the oxygen would damage my sight, the second when I fell on the school playground and suffered a bad concussion that left me completely blind for nearly 24 hours. I would love to get LASIK, but I'm terrified I would be tempting fate.

9. On the plus side, I have never broken a bone.

10. I once had a grade school birthday party where I picked out books I thought each of my friends would like and had a designated reading time. Many attendees did not share my love of literature and my already non-existent social standing only went downhill from there.

11. My oldest, dearest friend and I share the same name. What's more, once when we were together as children, we were asked if we were twins. If you saw us together today, you would not stop laughing at this fact.

12. I never kissed a boy without my braces until I was 18 and in college. Five long years of mouth torture, my friends.

13. I grew up without any cousins and was an only child for the first nine and half years of my life. I have always been comfortable with solitude and am most definitely an introvert. (you really can't fault me for the reading birthday party now, can you?)

14. When I was a small child, I was terribly allergic to horses and other farm animals, but loved my horseback riding lessons so much, I insisted on taking medication to get me through it. Luckily, I have since grown out of it.

15. My thumbs are double jointed.

16. I have two small tattoos, but if I were braver, I would have sleeves or my entire back done. I think art, on the wall or on one's body, is beautiful. Update: I now have three tattoos. Second update: I got my fourth - and by far, largest - tattoo for my birthday in 2015.

17. Our dog Bailey is was named after my favorite movie character: George Bailey (It's A Wonderful Life). Sadly, we lost her to cancer in early 2016.

18. I own 88 pairs of shoes...

19. ... and 86 nail polish colors. I may or may not have a problem.

20. I believe the greatest television shows of all time were Six Feet Under, My So-Called Life and The Wonder Years.

As this only scratches the surface, I hope you will be back so you can learn a bit more about me as I build this blog!


  1. i like »things about me« posts. always nice to get to know a blogger better.

  2. I would have loved your reading birthday party as a child! Great to get to know bloggers better. x

    1. I hear this a lot from people as I get older! I only wish we had known each other back then...


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