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August 19, 2013

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The places we travel to transport us, not just in the physical sense, but often in the emotional sense as well. There is a powerful pull from our memories all the way back to that beach where we felt totally relaxed, or a mountain range that left us completely in awe, or some risky excursion that still makes our hearts race whenever we think about it. Some people will fill a photo album with these reminders, others will line a shelf with snow globes or souvenir shop tchotchkes. For us wanderlusters, these relics keep us appreciative of the travels we have taken and keep us hungry for that next destination.

Since travel is such a big part of my life - though not nearly as often or as far away as I would always like - I surround myself with things that remind me of these experiences as well. Sometimes it is as literal as something bought on holiday that sits on a shelf, but other times it is a pattern or a piece of furniture that transports me back to a certain destination. While my design aesthetic plays a big part in how I decorate our apartment, having these items that satisfy my ever-present feeling of wanderlust around, can make me feel as content and happy as a well-designed chair (OK, maybe not as much as that Eames I've been coveting...).

One of my most recent acquisitions for our home was new bedding, which was chosen mostly out of necessity, as our previous duvet had faded about 10 shades on the left side - the side with the the ancient, unglazed windows - and perhaps a bit because I've been having a major pink moment and have been anxious to bring some of it into more than just my closet. While the duvet ended up having more sand tones than pink when I saw it in person, I realized that it bore an uncanny resemblance to the photos from our recent trip to The Dune of Pyla. Talk about an unintentional travel reminder! Now every time I settle into bed, I am reminded of sitting on that great sandy dune, watching the sun set over the ocean in glorious bands of pink and orange, and I am sent off to French dreamland.

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