Die Rheingauer Weinwoche / Wiesbaden Wine Festival

August 22, 2013

Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Cheers
I look forward to the Wine Fest here in Wiesbaden all year long. I mean, there were art and wine festivals in California, but somehow, they are just so different. Here, the fest spans a whole week and two weekends (usually the second full week of August), operating every day and into the night. With well over 100 stalls of food and wine from all over this region of vineyards packed into the beautiful Marktplatz and Dernsches Gelände, it is easy to find something new with every visit. But it's not just for wine connoisseurs or tourists. The whole town comes out, from teenagers to the much older generations, gloriously dressed in their suits and good shoes, to sit out at tables under the strings of lights and share a bottle (or two, or ten) amongst friends. Stopping for a glass on the way home from mid-week afternoon errands in town is not unheard of.

With our busy schedules this month, we only managed two brief stops at the fest this year. We eagerly grabbed some of the best seasonal fest food - including crepes, Flammkuchen, the freshly-made potato chips that only make an appearance at the summer fests and a ridiculous half-meter wurst, at which my husband snickered when he handed it over, pleased with himself for getting me something worthy of adolescent jokes and incredulous stares from passers-by - and not surprisingly, discovered even more new wines we hope to stock our wine rack with. When some of the best bottles of local Riesling barely break 10€, it only makes leaving this incredible - and often overlooked - part of the country that much harder. The moody summer skies only added to the underlying sense of sadness.

So this might have been our fourth and final year at the fest, or perhaps we will have to plan a trip to visit friends back here around this wonderful wine week. It is a festival that celebrates the best of what the Rheingau has to offer and is worth every opportunity to enjoy it.

Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Rathaus
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Kartoffel Locken Potato Chips Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Potato Chips with Dip small
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Half Meter Wurst
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Tables and Lights
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Pour
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Grape Lights
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Weingut Hans Lang sign
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Marktkirche Rheingau Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Marktkirche Night
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Nighttime
Wiesbaden Wine Fest 2013 Currywurst Stand


  1. That hot dog looks amazing! I'm also glad it's not my husband who makes adolescent sausage jokes - they're the wurst! :P

  2. This is a great post! I wish I had joined you once. I love wine.

  3. That has to be the most ridiculous-sized bratwurst I have EVER seen. On another note: I am so coming to Berlin to talk fashion and drink wine with you...

  4. Although my wine-snob father would probably be sad to hear me say it, I actually quite like German white wine. I need to get over to Weisbaden some time...

    1. I just don't understand how anyone can be a snob about any wine! If it tastes good and you enjoy it, who cares. The Rieslings here are just wonderful. If you do like a sweeter white - and not having to pay 20€ for a decent bottle (which is such a nice change, growing up with snobby Napa just up the freeway) - you absolutely must visit the Rheingau. Not to mention, it is just beautiful!

  5. The photos are so beautiful - and so is your summary of our Weinfest here in Wiesbaden! And you should definitely come back in August 2014! :-)


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