How German sounds compared to other languages

August 9, 2013

Sometimes, it feels completely crazy that I chose to move to a country where I don't speak the language, and that learning said language is, in the understatement of the year, really challenging. Sometimes, all I can do is laugh about it - and videos like this help. To be fair, Germans don't really sound like this when they talk. Unless they are really upset about something, like someone crossing the street against a red light. Or scolding their children. No wonder German children are so well-behaved...

Huge thanks to my fellow expat friends for sharing this little gem with me!


  1. This video is EXACTLY how I feel trying to learn German! My husband and I are hopefully moving to Erlangen next month and he's been on me to learn the language. :)


  2. This is awesome. When I was first learning German this is how everything grated on my ear. I now; however, have a much greater appreciation for everything German of course...language included. ;-)

  3. Now this IS hilarious! I am German, but living in the US right now. We don't really sound like that but I can totally see where this video comes from! Thank you for sharing and enjoy Berlin!


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