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August 23, 2013

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Birthday wishlist 2013
I have always been a bit of greedy girl when it comes to my birthday. Call it being spoiled as an only child for the first ten years of my life, I can't help daydreaming about my wishlist months in advance. But really, when else is there a day entire dedicated to celebrating you? That calls for some serious indulgence, if you ask me.

This year, seeing that we're on a bit of a Berlin-saving budget, I'm trying to be a little less of a dreamer and a little more realistic. Those black riding boots I've been on a multiple-year search for? Maybe next year. The downright drool-worthy Clare Vivier with its peek of red zipper and personalized gold monogram? It will just have to wait. And that Comme des Garcons wallet with the quatrefoil pattern (my favorite!)? Yeah, fuhgeddaboudit.

So with a few weeks to go, I have gotten a hold on my expectations and been forced to think about what I really want this year...

1 | The more I tote it around, the more I realize that something to protect our investment of a camera is a necessity. Since I change bags often - and sometimes even make my husband lug the heavy thing around - I figured this bag insert would be a win-win.

2 | I'm addicted to my Burts Bees, but mixing it up with some new, naturally-flavored balm sounds like just the treat for the impending chapped-lip season.

3 | My current love of tomato red is still going strong and this dress practically called my name when I first spied it in Boden's fall lineup. It reminds me a bit of the Madewell sweatshirt dress that has been all kinds of popular, without being proportioned for someone in her adolescent years or of non-Sasquatch-esque height. Although, the striped version is pretty amazing as well...

4 | When I first realized Garance Doré was collaborating with Swedish brand, and a German favorite, Marc O'Polo on several pieces featuring her sketches, I actually squealed out loud. This sweatshirt, while overpriced in true M'OP fashion, is almost a bargain when you consider that it's a wearable piece of art.

5 | After being on a kick of bold, statement pieces, delicate jewelry has really caught my eye lately. Incredibly affordable pieces like this deep blue stone pendant, string of coppery beads and a pretty cluster of charms so perfectly named the seastone flag necklace would be a perfect little birthday surprise.

6 | I used to have so many pairs of pajamas, it nearly rivaled my shoe collection. Somehow, I have now gotten to the point that the few I do have are becoming so threadbare, they rip if I toss and turn too much. I think it's about time for this classic pair I have yearned for since they first showed up in the J.Crew catalog all those years ago.

7 | Oh shoes, you are never far from my thoughts (or wishlists)... This year, I'm all about the classic shapes I know I will get plenty of wear from. These Atheist Berlin shoes (don't you just love it?) might turn me into a proper Berliner (not of the jelly-filled variety) and are claimed to be 'like wearing kittens on your feet'. Um, yes please! Also, I love love love my Minnetonka mocs, but the park and post-snow gravel that sticks around for months gets up in those nubby bottoms like you would not believe. The adorably classic Thunderbird version with the boat soles sound like just the solution.

8 | Ridiculously over-priced on the US site, somehow this Zara stunner from its August/September lookbook is a lot more reasonable over here in Europe. Still a splurge, but nothing says autumn quite like richly-colored leather.

9 | With boot season just around the corner - and set to last, oh, the next nine months here in Germany - it seems I can never have enough pairs of skinny jeans. But day after day of blue denim can wear on even the most loyal jean fan. This year, I'm hoping to add to my boot-friendly pant collection with something a bit more eye-catching, like these deep fig-hued ones or the Gap camo pair that blissfully made a comeback after selling out in record time last year.

I would also be happy with just the biggies I really need: a computer that doesn't require daily forced shut downs when it freezes (hello? blogging here!) and a fabulous Berlin apartment. Speaking of, if anyone has any leads on that last one (2-3 room, 80+sq m, preferably Prenzlauer Berg or Charlottenbug, no Provision), let me know! You might just make my birthday wish come true.

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  1. I think we love all of the same things. My camo pants are my favorite thing for the fall season coming up.

    - alecia with


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