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September 4, 2013

Printed pants - fall 2013
Printed pants have been going strong for awhile now, but I must admit I've been wrestling with jumping on the trend bandwagon. Every rulebook says not to wear prints on the bottom if you are fuller in the hips, as I am, but frankly, I find all these 'rules' to be rather restricting on one's sense of adventure. Who says I need to downplay my curvy hips anyway? It sure seems the entire female cast of Mad Men have thrown that rule out the window and it appears to be working just fine for them.

Since I'm not one for being told I can't do something, I'm on the lookout for prints that aren't terribly loud and speak to my inner tomboy - like geometrics and plaids in more tonal colorways - that can hopefully satisfy my desire to try the trend and flatter my figure. Price point is also a factor, as it is with most trend pieces in my opinion, so the guilt is minimal if they happen to be a one-season-only item. But who knows. I thought my adventurous pleather pant purchase last fall would be a fluke, but I ended up wearing them regularly through the cold weather and am looking forward to putting them back in rotation soon. You never know until you try. So I'm RSVP-ing yes to the printed pant party. Now to find something to wear...

clockwise, from top left:

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