Phillip Lim x Target... six more days!

September 9, 2013

Phillip Lim x Target collaboration favorites

I don't know about you, but I tend to get overly excited for designer collaborations with affordable powerhouses like Target and H&M (anyone else thinking about camping out come November, 'cause I sure am!), only to be let down by the fit or quality. Designing for the masses is a far cry from actual designer wares, so it can only be expected that for the masses to be able to afford it, something's gotta give. Plus, so often they are designers that are a bit out there for my tastes (Versace and Missoni come to mind), the pieces just read too costume-y on me.

Perhaps I'm an optimist, at least where fashion is concerned, but I can't help but have high hopes for the Phillip Lim x Target collection launching this Sunday. Not only is he one of the few collaboration designers that I would actually want to wear regardless of cost (you know, if I could actually afford the real deal), but the preview of every single item shows a collection full of classics with a twist, equal parts wearable but also special. In essence, pieces I would wear whether they came from a sought-after designer collab or not. I'm especially smitten with that amazingly-printed peplum top and the very Céline-esque little yellow bag. Of course, one can never go wrong with just a dash of classy sparkle either.

The only tricky bit for me now is being all the way over here in the Target-less land of Germany. I hope my mom might be willing to fulfill this birthday wish and scout it out in person for me, as I foresee this collection creating a craze similar to the Missoni one - which means a crashing website and no hope of ordering online. When are the techies at Target going to realize we women go mad for affordable fashion and beef up their servers accordingly? I mean, really, guys.

What do you think about designer collaborations? Just a lot of hype, or are you willing to line up for a chance of snagging some designer duds at real-people prices? Are there any pieces in this collection you would brave the likely mob for?

Next up: the countdown to Isabel Marant for H&M...


  1. Okay, I just took a look and I want to try on those tuxedo pants that are blue and black! Also the bags could be awesome, as long as they don't feel too stiff.


  2. I know I get soo super giddy over any designer/target/h&m collabs! And Phillip Lim's collection really looks promising! I love the prints on the dress, and omgosh.. Isabel Marant for H&M?.. Cannot wait for it!

    <3 Kelly


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