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September 2, 2013

Chateau de Chenonceau as bridge over river
When I realized our France trip this summer would be taking us through some of the same countryside I traveled during my high school study abroad trip, I knew immediately what I wanted to add to our itinerary: Château de Chenonceau. It is not the largest or most spectacular of all French castles, but for some reason it's charm stuck in my memory from that first trip so many years earlier. I don't know if it was because of my first-ever trip to Europe, or because of the time I spent there with both new and very old friends, or perhaps it was the little boat we rented and paddled around the river beneath the castle, but I was eager to revisit it all these years later with my husband.

Sadly, the boats were not in service this trip, but the castle and its grounds were just as beautiful as I remembered. We spent a couple hours meandering around in the muggy, hot July weather, taking in the pristine French architecture and gardens. Now living in the land of German castles, it was interesting to see the juxtaposition of these very different royal abodes. Though much like my favorite German castle, I think the captivating part of Château de Chenonceau lies in its unique location utilising the surrounding landscape.

One really nice surprise on our visit was discovering it was the Château's 500th anniversary. I still take much delight in how old Europe is, from the everyday structures (our apartment building hails from the 1890s) to great attractions like castles, fortresses and ancient city walls. It just made our visit that much more special to know that we were there to celebrate such an immense anniversary.

Chateau de Chenonceau 500 year anniversary coin
Chateau de Chenonceau tree arch entry Chateau de Chenonceau tree up close
Chateau de Chenonceau front path
Chateau de Chenonceau front tower
Chateau de Chenonceau front door
Chateau de Chenonceau arched ceiling Chateau de Chenonceau wood ceiling
Chateau de Chenonceau geometric window panes Chateau de Chenonceau faded floor tiles
Chateau de Chenonceau ornate room detail
Chateau de Chenonceau window with view
Chateau de Chenonceau black and white floor tiles and shoes
Chateau de Chenonceau drawbridge and river
Chateau de Chenonceau stone and drain
Chateau de Chenonceau crest
Chateau de Chenonceau decaying tapestry
Chateau de Chenonceau stove Chateau de Chenonceau kitchen
Chateau de Chenonceau pigeons nesting
Chateau de Chenonceau boats
Chateau de Chenonceau garden house
Chateau de Chenonceau Kate Chateau de Chenonceau perfect flower garden
Chateau de Chenonceau flowers in garden
Chateau de Chenonceau garden
Chateau de Chenonceau view from garden
Chateau de Chenonceau sunset

Just in case you were in the mood for a little #throwbackthursday a few days early...

Chateau de Chenonceau Kate 1996
Château de Chenonceau - and me - circa 1996.


  1. I visited France on a study abroad trip in high school too. We visited Chenonceau, and it was definitely one of my favorites! Your photos definitely bring back some memories, thanks for sharing! So awesome that you were able to go back and revisit the chateau. :)

    1. Oh how cool! It's so funny the things that stick with us and the opportunities that arise for us, living here in Europe. Who ever would have thought I would wind up there again!

  2. Aww, you were so cute in high school. Can I please have that blonde wavy hair?

    1. Ha! That's too funny, as when I was showing Russ this post, I remarked how much better I feel about myself now. Bring on that birthday next week - I think I only get better with age!


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