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September 27, 2013

Short platinum hair by Jean Marc Joubert at Estetica via UKhairdressers
I don't know if it's the recent worry and resulting sleep-deprivation, or if it's a deep desire to feel more hip for our move to super-hip Berlin, but when Garance posted her recent hair cut, it was like a light suddenly went on in my brain. I so quickly tired of the clavicut - and the ombre - I did several months back, but I am also tired of this, just, hair, as my mother used to say. Longer hair is so often just hair, with no real style or anything. Sure, it's decently shiny and healthy, and I've managed to find a box color that manages to look pretty good, most of the time. But frankly, I'm bored. I want a change.*

I found it funny when Garance worried about this kind of cut feeling too 'soccer mom', as I think it doesn't get more boring-I've-given-up-mom-hair than the look I'd been rocking for the last few months - that medium-long length that's been neglected, rarely styled and just sort of sits there there unceremoniously on my head. I think this hair says edgy, cool and a little bit tough. In short, perfect Berlin hair. As if Garance wasn't enough to convince me, Michelle William's latest campaign had me pining to chop it all off the instant I opened that spread in my InStyle. The trifecta was complete when I saw that H&M's latest campaign boasts a model sporting the same short-but-longer-on-the-top cut. I think it's a sign. Or at least a bandwagon.

Although, maybe I'm just looking for a decisive move in light of our apartment situation still being a little bit up in the air. Maybe after we settle things this weekend, and maybe after I start getting some worry-free, good night's sleeps, I'll realize how totally out there this is. I mean, my initial research has already informed me that platinum might be one of the most expensive, high-maintenance hair colors there is (and I thought red was a pain!), not to mention that a cut that short would also require frequent professional upkeep. Or maybe, like our decision to move to Berlin - or even more crazy, our decision to up and move to Germany in the first place - it's better to just jump in and sort it all out later. After all, it is just hair...

*As I was writing this yesterday, the ennui around my hair became so strong, that I took matters into my own hands. Not the whole shebang I'm still considering above, but a decently good amount that I literally feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Just the mindset I want to head off to Berlin with this weekend!

Hair by Jean Marc Joubert for Estetica, image via

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