Beyond Basic Fair Isle: Patterned Sweater Roundup

November 29, 2013

Patterned Sweater Roundup: J.Crew vs. Boden
The fair isle sweater has long been a mainstay of the season, especially when adorned with snowflakes or Christmas trees. But we've come a long way since the limiting choices of basic knits or gaudy pom-pom-encrusted holiday sweaters. Instead of producing more of the same, J.Crew and Boden are a testament to what the oft-formulaic patterned sweater has become - chic, new and different. These patterned wonders are a far cry from their tacky predecessors, reinvented and ranging from subtle to eye-catching. There are creatively-knitted stripes to traditional patterns made from jewels. And who could forget first spying that amazing stained glass pattern at J.Crew's fall preview months ago? I die for that print - and would consider going broke to get it. A self-proclaimed sweater junkie, I really don't need anymore knits, but Christmas lists are more about what you want rather than a boring old need, right..?


  1. I've got one of these sitting under the Christmas tree :)

    1. Lucky girl! I think our Christmas tree is going to host more apartment improvement stuff than anything. Crossing my fingers for at least one entirely selfish and indulgent gift from Santa... ;)


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