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November 6, 2013

Mood board: Our Berlin Kitchen

I know I swore that our next apartment would look less like an Ikea showroom, but with a kitchen kind of required to be able to move in and you know, live, the option to pick and choose each piece for this room over time is a luxury we can't afford, in either time or money. Sure, we can add bits and pieces that make it feel more unique later on, but ultimately, we've got to get our order in ASAP for cabinets, countertops, a sink and the like, so that we can feed ourselves upon moving in next month - and Ikea is the place to do that. Oh, the joys of having to buy and install your own kitchen in German apartments... On the plus side, it means designing my cooking space to my needs, a luxury in America reserved only for those taking the massive leap to owning their own home.

Since I'm a fan of a cleaner, more modern aesthetic - with industrial and rustic touches - simple, inexpensive Ikea cabinets and a wood countertop will do just fine. The style I want to bring to it will be more through the use of a bold black wall (walls..?), open shelving and some great accent pieces, like those beautiful copper measuring tools and hopefully a fantastic towel - or two - from the amazingly talented Leah Duncan. While saving in the cabinetry department (even more now, since Ikea announced its kitchen sale now through the first week of December - score!), I'm inclined to splurge on a massive sink and industrial-type faucet, perfect for all the hand washing I do of my beloved pots and pans, not to mention a cool little tripod for all the recipe reading I do on my iPhone. Who knows? Maybe with all this frugality, we could even afford a nice espresso machine to make the most of the coffee shop in the ground floor of our new building...

How about you? What does your ideal kitchen look like? How would you balance budget with functionality and style?

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  1. Please let us know how using Ikea for the kitchen goes. We're thinking of using them in the future for a kitchen remodel.


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