Currently Coveting: Cougar Pillow Boots

November 13, 2013

Cougar boots group shot I don't even remember when I first discovered Cougar Boots, but I quickly fell in love after receiving my first pair a couple years back: the Moola boot (which sadly appears to have since been discontinued). Not only are they actually pretty nice-looking for a boot that's really about function first and foremost, but they are the warmest shoes I own - warmer than my knee-high UGG Broomes and even warmer than North Face snow boots. Those Canadians clearly know what they are doing. For this Californian soon-to-be-Berliner, keeping all my little piggies intact is a top priority, to the point where fashion might even (gasp!) take a back seat.

While many of its boot styles are a bit lacking in, well, style, Cougar really hit the mark on bringing back its pillow boot from the 1970s in various incarnations. I think it strikes just the right 'I'm utilitarian and not trying too hard', à la Bean Boots, that they are the perfect addition for more fashionable folks who also consider functionality - not to mention the whole 'I'm not trying too hard' vibe - to be a worthwhile investment. I'm seriously pining for the classic pair in rust and in a major way for the rather badass wedge version in black. I don't think any drugged-out-of-their-minds, bloodied-hands crazies in Neuk├Âlln would mess with me in those (happened once and I'm convinced owning said boots would ensure it not to happen again). That said, there's the trouble of actually finding them for purchase...

Cougar Pillowboot in rust Cougar Pillowboot wedgy in black

Back in 2011, Canadian - and I believe some NYC - bloggers were sent these revamped classics for review and promotion, and a dedicated website appeared. Smart moves. Get the buzz goin'. But two years later, an empty Instagram account stating 'we're just getting started!' (um, haven't they been around since the 1940s..?) and a rather disjointed Facebook page, with everything from hair tutorials via The Beauty Department to random birthday shout-outs to teen dreams featured alongside its styles I would associate more with the senior citizen set feels a little like they are throwing darts in the dark. And yet, where's the info on how a non-Canadian can actually order said boots...(???). Cougar, you can't get us all worked up and then leave us hanging! I think these have the potential to reach hipster-y, cult Bean Boot status, Cougar just needs to get all its cute Canadian ducks in a row. Hmm. Any chance they want to hire an American living in Europe to manage marketing strategy and content for them...? Well, I'm here - and I would be happy to work for shoes.

All images via Cougar's Pillow Boot site


  1. This boots aren't all that great. Wearing them in Canadian winters, where the temp can drop to -20, these just won't do. My feet were freezing to the point of pain on some typically cold nights. Also, the frame of the inside bottom-ankle areas both snapped on each boot, which cause the inner lining (a thin fleece-like fabric) to tear. This was just with 2 winters of wear. The front tips were showing wear and the soles were not as grippy as I would have liked. Either buy these on sale and wear them during light winter weather, or skip them completely.

  2. I had these boots for 2 years. I walked to and from work, about 20min each way. I walked two holes in the heel of one and wasn't far off from doing in the other. I just ditched them at a cobbler who said the sole couldn't be replaced. All in all they were good boots but I wish the soles were more durable. The rest of the boot had a lot of life left in them.


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