Getting Lost In... The Goonies

November 1, 2013

Getting Lost In... The Goonies
As an introverted, only child for the first 10 years of my life, I grew up with a strong sense of imagination. An avid reader and movie-watcher, I often got lost in these worlds of make-believe. In the backyard, I imagined myself to be a red-headed Anne Shirley, exploring the woods. When my baby brother came along, I pretended to be on a quest to rescue him from the Goblin King. These worlds in books and movies exist as a means of escapism and being an adult has not changed that need to indulge in being someone else, somewhere else, from time to time.

Our recent viewing of one of my favorite films, along with this drizzly grey weather that is starting to set in, has put me in a serious Goonies mood. Adventure, trekking outdoors and of course the most important bit - dressing the part. That cozy, Pacific-Northwest attire is equally at home here today as it was in Astoria in the '80s. Ragg socks, rustic jackets, rugged-yet-classically-cool waterproof boots, with some nautical-inspired accessories, and you could almost be a Goonie. Now, to be on the lookout for an urban treasure hunt...

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