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October 31, 2013

The Look for Less: The Striped Coat
Have you ever found something you absolutely love, but pass it up, only to be haunted by it for years to come, never seeing anything that even compares? Then it becomes your unicorn of sorts, and you search and search for this elusive thing that will undoubtedly never live up to the original. Well, my unicorn was this amazing striped coat from J.Crew a few years back, and naturally, I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. Nothing else really compared until I happened upon the Coach homepage recently and saw Karlie Kloss, with that amazing hair (have I mentioned that I've been pining for bangs again? I must be crazy...), sporting the most amazing striped coat I had seen in years. Then I saw the price. I mean, don't get me wrong, a nice coat is a worthy investment, especially when moving to a fabulous European city where a coat is required pretty much nine months out of the year. But my limit on a good outerwear is more in the few-hundred-range, not the nearly-a-thousand-range. Naturally, my excitement at such a find was immediately quashed.

Like every yin has a yang, I knew there had to be other, more affordable, options out there. Thanks to the ever-stylish Blair, I discovered this amazing one from ASOS. I must admit, I'm not the hugest fan of ASOS quality - I've returned three out of the four items I have ever ordered from them - but I'd like to think this piece might be one of those exceptions that could give me my stripes and let me afford it too. I'm also really crushing on the cocoon shape and wide lapels (perfect for broad-shouldered gals like myself), not to mention the more hip-friendly angled flap pockets. I think this coat would be right at home in Berlin - preferably in my closet!

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  1. I think I even prefer the ASOS version to the Coach one! Definitely worth it for the cold winter that's coming :) I'm still on the hunt for my perfect coat, here's hoping I find one before I really start to need it!


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