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October 16, 2013

Vintage Paris painting
The City of Light
When we first moved to Wiesbaden and I started taking this smaller side street on my walks into the city center, I passed a little antique shop with this Paris painting in the window. Like art often does, this one spoke to me. I'm not sure if it was the age-stained, moody watercolors or the understated view of the tower, quietly unseen, overlooking the rest of the beautiful city, but something drew me to it. There's all kinds of Paris art, photographs, tchotchkies, but this was different. This was special. And I looked forward to seeing it every time I walked down that street.

So when my parents came to visit that first Christmas, my stepfather learned of my affinity for this painting in the shop window and decided it belonged on my wall. He took my then-barely German-speaking husband into this little shop to haggle with the owner in order to put this under the Christmas tree for me. While I must admit that I rather missed seeing it on my walk, now that we are leaving this town, I am happy that I get to take it with us to Berlin, to see every day in our new city.


  1. That's a great painting! I'm pretty jealous. :) I have a few framed posters my grandmother brought with her when they moved from France to the states in the 60's to remind her of home. I left them back in the states when we moved to Germany because I was afraid they would be damaged in the move, but now I find I'm really missing them. Maybe the hubby and I will find something when we go to Paris in December for our 10 year anniversary. :)

    1. What a cool story about your grandmother's art! I love family heirlooms like that. I'm crossing my fingers for you to find something equally great on your trip - and happy early anniversary!


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