Travel | Autumn in Upstate New York

October 18, 2013

Lake George stunning autumn colors
After celebrating our anniversary on Monday and taking in the very fleeting autumn season here in Germany, I couldn't help but be reminded of our brief honeymoon weekend in upstate New York. Our new life in Germany was waiting and while we could only spend a handful of days enjoying New York after our Central Park nuptials, our decision to drive up and spend some of the time at Lake George basking amongst the brilliant autumn backdrop was perhaps the best way to spend our first few days as husband and wife.

As most honeymoons go, we didn't do a whole lot during our time there. We ate at the resort's restaurant, got massages, took a boat tour around the lake, but the highlight was definitely the lazy afternoons spent wandering the local trails that were exploding with fall color. Coming from seasonless California, this celebration nature had on display for my favorite time of year was beyond breathtaking and made me a convert to seasonal living for life.

Our time at The Sagamore Resort reminded me intensely of the setting for Dirty Dancing. The secluded, sweeping grounds, the lake, the surrounding woods. I imagine this place teeming with families in the summertime, making their annual pilgrimage to the lake. October was the perfect time for a quiet honeymoon, without the hordes of children running down to the lakeside pool or tourists trying to strike up random conversations, and it was already chilly enough that the resort staff was whispering the word "snow" when speculating about each coming day's weather. It was just about perfect to cuddle up with a loved one and just take in the spectacular surroundings.

I would love return and spend more time here, as well as other parts of America's Northeast, during this most stunning time of year. I wonder if a little closer to the end of summer, with a bit more lingering warmth, would still provide the same array of autumn color... and one might even catch a glimpse of Baby carrying a watermelon.

Lake George sunshine on the water
The Sagamore from the water
Lake George birds
Lake George boat and hills of color from docks
Lake George autumn colors from the boat
Lake George clear water Lake George tree on fire
The Sagamore triple creme brulee
Lake George fence with autumn colors
Lake George red tree from underneath Lake George on the path
Lake George path of golden trees Lake George lookin up at autumn tree colors
Lake George sun through the trees
Lake George sunset view from room
Lake George sunset at docks
Lake George sunset behind tree


  1. What is happening with that delicious looking bread plate??

    Beautiful colours + description = I now want to go there.

    1. Bread plate? Oh no, that is chocolate-dipped biscotti adorning a triple crème brûlée - vanilla, chocolate and orange, if I remember correctly... With a glass of wine overlooking the lake, heaven.

  2. You had me at autumn. Stunning pictures of a beautiful area of 'Merica. I'm actually in Mass right now visiting Zach's family and will be headed up to VT to see a friend, and of course that gorgeous fall foliage. Not to mention a getting a good dose of maple syrup flavored everything. ~Beth

    1. I saw your Instagram yesterday and was immediately jealous! If we ever end up back in the states, I'm sure it will be somewhere in the northeast. It's just so stunning. Have a lovely holiday!

  3. Breathe taking. Definitely don't get that here in Cali. I was lucky/unlucky enough to loose my last living grandmother at the end of a September and got to see how breathe taking a change in seasons could be while out in Minnesota for the funeral. When I think about her passing I thank her for making sure it was a beautiful time of year - everyone else chose to go when the ground was frozen!


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