Four years into this adventure called marriage

October 14, 2013

KateRussWedding_on bench outsidebcentral park_photo by Augie Chang
Sometimes, taking the road less traveled turns out to be just the right path. When our San Francisco wedding fell apart, we decided to chuck it all and go get married in New York's Central Park. When the opportunity came up for my husband to take a job in Germany, albeit one week before our wedding, we barely thought twice about it. We got married at a castle and then ended up living in the land of castles. It seems we ended up as far as possible from the track everyone we knew was on, buying houses in California and starting families, but feel so at home in the life we have chosen. That's not to say marriage isn't hard work, because it is. Starting that life halfway around the world from all our family and friends in a country where we didn't even speak the language has probably made it a lot harder than it had to be, but I think in the end, it has only strengthened our relationship and made us better people.

When I look back at the photos from our amazing wedding day in New York, I almost have a hard time remembering those earlier versions of ourselves. We have grown and changed so much, and not just in our location or my hair color. We have been tried and tested in ways we never really expected - try frantically struggling together to articulate to a vet that your dog has just been savagely attacked in a language neither of you has a terribly firm grasp on, or supporting each other through the immense sadness of not seeing your mother in over a year - and have had to lean on each other perhaps more so than the average couple. It's not always easy, and it's certainly not always the jet-setting adventure some people envision expat life to be, but we have come to appreciate each other and this life we have made together in ways we might never have otherwise.

So in honor of our four-year wedding anniversary today - and eight years together, conveniently on the same day - here are a few of the photos making me most nostalgic this year for the adventurous day that so appropriately kicked off our not-so-average life together. Here's to the many more adventures to come!

KateRussWedding_The Algonquin Hotel_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_ceremony_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_holding hands_phot by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_Belvedere Castle_photo by Augie Chang KateRussWedding_NYC tote bag favors_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_accordian player_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_cloe-up_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_marriage certificate_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_dessert at Bar Boulud_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_subway stairs_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_on the subway_photo by Augie Chang
KateRussWedding_subway close-up_photo by Augie Chang

Wedding photography by the amazing Augie Chang


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! Love the pic of you two on the steps...and the subway....and the certificate. Really special stuff.

    And - funny side note - Ian & I will be married 4 years on Thursday and together for 10 years. We're almost wedding twins :)

    1. Aw, thanks. NYC really made it a great day for us! And happy anniversary to you guys! Good time to get married, obviously. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures! That was a KILLER dress, and your bouquet really pops. NYC is one of my favorite places, and now I am reminded that it's been 4 years since I was last there. You were a vision of beauty, but thanks to that overhead shot, I can see that my highlights were terribly grown out! Oh well. Happy Anniversary to you and that smart, smart guy.

    1. So funny how I went into dress shopping staunchly against the strapless option! You never know till you put it on... Looking at these photos has me really dying to get back as well. Maybe next year. And as for you my dear, I was just thinking how beautiful you were in all those photos, hair and all!

  3. Happy anniversary, and wishing you many more happy years together! Your photos are fantastic -- they really capture the NYC vibe. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Augie was really a fantastic photographer and the locations were like magic, so it really all came together perfectly.

  4. Cute! Congratulations, you two!


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