Currently Coveting: Pink Walls

October 9, 2013

pink wall (corner) designed by Mette Helena Rasmussen and photographed by Tia Borgsmidt via Nordic Design H&M home spring 2013 campaign with pink_cropped
pink gallery walls by Ben Pentreath Ltd half painted pink wall by Clive Tompsett

Perhaps it's the deeply persuasive influence of what's trending on Pinterest, but I've been pining something fierce for pink walls. On rose-hued overload from my childhood spent in houses decorated in my mother's favorite color, somehow I've come around and started considering it for our new apartment. The warmth is what attracts me to it, especially now that I live somewhere that grey is the dominant color for months on end, both in weather and resulting mood, and even more so after we make the move to Berlin. The fact that it would be a nice, light balance to a lot of our very heavy, leather furniture just makes me want it more.

The trickiest thing is finding just the right not-too-bright, yet not-too-peach tone that perfectly reads 'pink' without overwhelming the room - or veering into bubble gum or '80s dusty rose territory. Then there's convincing my husband that having a pink living room is a good idea... I've got paint chips up now to see how they look throughout the day's changing light, and hope to take them up to Berlin to see them in the space before having to make any decisions.

There's also the question of whether to just paint an accent wall, a half wall or the whole shebang. Worst case scenario, we have to choose a new color if it just doesn't sit right with us. After all, it's just paint.

Wild Aster Benjamin Moore pink by Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely

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