A wander in the autumn forest

October 28, 2013

Autumn in the Taunus_Kate on forest trail It had been a long time since we had taken a Sunday stroll, but after being cooped up and working like mad all week - at times, until one or two in the morning - I think we really just needed to get out. Take a walk. Breath in some fresh, forest air. Rain and wet and mud, be damned. We needed some nature beyond the basil plants that sit on our window sill.

In an effort to get out of the house before I gave up and decided on a nap instead, I didn't really give much thought to appropriate footwear or bringing my real camera to capture glorious autumn in the Taunus mountains, for perhaps the last time ever. So instead, I was stuck pulling out my iPhone around every bend for each new sprawling scene before us - not to mention sliding through the muck in my near-tractionless boots. But for all my unpreparedness and bits of bad weather, it was a glorious Sunday spent taking in the autumn colors and taking a breather from all the stress and to-dos at home.

Please forgive the image quality and enjoy our little piece of Sunday autumnal bliss...
  Autumn in the Taunus_on our way with wet leaves on the windsheildAutumn in the Taunus_temperamental clouds Autumn in the Taunus_sun on the refreshment shack
Autumn in the Taunus_stag statue Autumn in the Taunus_Jagdschloss old and new architecture
Autumn in the Taunus_Bailey on autumn path Autumn in the Taunus_autumn colors on the trees
Autumn in the Taunus_Bailey's ambitious stick Autumn in the Taunus_galivanting Bailey
Autumn in the Taunus_looking up through the trees Autumn in the Taunus_sun through the autumn trees Autumn in the Taunus_Kate with the sun behind

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  1. Looks gorgeous! I can't believe how fast the leaves are falling now, it's definitely the best time to be in the forest!


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