All I want for Christmas

December 12, 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2013
This Christmas, I'm all about the things I need. OK, there are definite wants, but with major technology and other staples that are worn out to the point of outright failure, my list for Santa is mostly about the basics. Not totally dismissing my frivolous nature, there are of course some goodies that have caught my eye too...

Red plaid anything | There's just something about red plaid - from buffalo check to traditional - that just feels so seasonally appropriate. I only wish this scarf from Zara hadn't already disappeared from their shelves.

New lifeline (aka, phone) | After a few years of near-constant use, my current iPhone is hitting the wall of functionality to the point that any day now I will wake up to a phone that will not even turn on. Since it is such an every day item, I say why not spurge for the pretty new gold 5s, and while I'm at it, an even prettier gold-accented case.

Pretty sweatshirt | Still on my sweatshirt kick from earlier this year, I'm loving this geometric metallic version right now. Of course, there's always the Garance one I'm still pining for as well...

Macbook | On my computer perhaps even more so now than in college, I think it's time for a better machine. Really, just one that doesn't crash at least twice a day would be nice.

Universal charger | With big plans to tour around our new city in the coming months, being able to get my devices charged all day long will be key. This pretty charger means I can keep Instagramming in style.

Flannel PJs | In the winter, there's nothing better than snuggling up in cozy flannel pajamas. With my long limbs, men's work best. These dark grey and classic blackwatch plaid versions are topping my list.

Naturally rosy cheeks | With my unforgiving new haircut, my prominent cheekbones are front and center. What softens androgynous hair more than some feminine, pink cheeks? This blush from Josie Maran has my name written all over it.

A little sparkle | In addition to my cheek bones, my earlobes are also on constant, full display now. This definitely calls for a little sparkle with a little touch of toughness. These studs are perfect.

Black skinnies | Urban life seems to call for more black in one's wardrobe and basic black skinnies are surprisingly missing from my closet. These seem like just the ticket for my Berlin attire.

How about you - what's on your Christmas list? And more importantly, have you been naughty or nice this year..?


  1. Oh man, I'm definitely coveting those flannel pajamas! Might have to treat myself to some when I go back to the States for the holidays -- although my shopping list there is already a mile long! I'm also on the search for perfect skinny jeans and oversized sweater... But at the top of my Christmas wish list is most definitely a Kindle -- keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. I haven't been back in nearly three years, so I can't imagine how long my list would be! Always nice to be able to get your standbys. Skinnys and slouchy sweaters are my uniform lately, but I have to agree, tech is calling my name this year. Maybe if we're extra good, Santa will bring us both.

  2. Totally with you on the tartan - I am in love with tartan scarves right now!


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