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December 10, 2013

Mood Board: Our Berlin Living Room
Our living room in Wiesbaden is perhaps my favorite room in that apartment, and perhaps my favorite living room I've ever had. With deep, stony-blue walls and high ceilings with amazingly-detailed moulding, it sits in the middle of the apartment and serves as the heart of the home, where we entertain, eat dinner, hang out. In Berlin, our living room may boast a balcony, but otherwise is a much different space with some definite design challenges. The dramatic white stucco and moulding will be replaced by the clean, simple lines of new walls. The square-shaped, open space we have now with doors and windows on every wall becomes a long, rectangular room, accessible only from a single door at the far end. Without all the rich details built into the space, the room will need a bit more work to create just the right depth and warmth.

Additionally, I always like a good excuse for change. So instead of once again doing a dark, almost stately color for the walls, I am opting for light and warm. This room has to not only double as the dining space, but it is also to be my workspace, meaning a lot will be demanded of it. With lighter colors, brighter rugs and a lot more white brought in through the furniture and decor, I'm hoping to make it a happy, creative space that can offer a respite from the grey that often dominates Berlin's landscape. Just one more week...

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