Christmas has come early, Warby Parker-style

December 6, 2013

Which Warby Parkers for Christmas?

Imagine my surprise when I realized what I thought was just another promotional email from Warby Parker turned out to be an e-gift card from a very thoughtful and generous friend for a new pair of glasses. What a Christmas surprise! My intense focus on all things related to our move, not to mention the rather greedy-girl admission that I was already lamenting the probable lack of presents this year due to our poorly-timed relocation, means my mind-set was on apartment necessities and weeks of take-out (since sadly, Santa will not be bringing us a kitchen by Christmas), not frivolous wish list items. This incredible gift has just turned all my expectations about holiday indulgences this year on its head.

So this very lucky lady has the difficult task of trying to decide which frames to splurge on next (I know, life is rough, right?). I've rounded up my favorites above and now the hard part begins. Admittedly, I've had the Arthur frames bookmarked as 'my next WPs' since they came out. But while I tend to stick with more traditional shapes and tones, something about the subtly-colored Theos and Edgeworths have me pining for them as well. Further complicating the decision, there's my face shape to consider: kind of oval, yet kind of square with high, prominent cheekbones. Like Skeletor, with a larger forehead. As soon as I think I know what I've decided, I keep going back around to the other choices. Warby Parker, why must you have so many wonderful frames to choose from?

For those of you who know me beyond the internet, or have just followed my blogs long enough, I am sure you are tired of me banging on about my love affair with Warby Parker. At under $100 for frames with a prescription AND donating a pair to someone in need for each one sold, I think they deserve to win company of the year, like, forever. With my extremely poor eyesight and adverse reaction to contacts - in addition to a somewhat capricious fashion sense - they are pretty much a life-saver in my book. If you need help seeing on a day-to-day basis and pine for stylish frames that won't break the bank - not to mention give you the warm fuzzies for their altruistic practices - it's time to check out Warby Parker.

Warby Parker e-gift_email

Which ones do you think I should choose..?

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